K Land is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise which specializes in handling all kinds of luggage products, guided by export, supported by industry and driven by R&D.

The company team is composed of a group of energetic, experienced professionals with the same goals and high efficiency and unity. Since 1994, 
K Land team has been working hard in the luggage industry. In 2016, "Eighteen Arhats" - - the 18 founding shareholders of K Land, headed by Executive Director Ke Chenghua, cherished the yearning for a better life, upheld the value concept of "co-creation, co-sh

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Guangzhou K Land Bags And Luggage Co., Ltd. -- the first spo

Guangzhou K Land Bags And Luggage Co., Ltd. -- the first spo

In 2018, the Russian World Cup came to an agreement in June 14th, and there was an upsurge of sports all over the world. In our country, August 8 is designated as the National Fitness Day. The implementation of the National Fitness Program...



Export statistics of luggage and bags in 2017

With the development of human intelligence, intelligent material is also valued and developed.. The so-called intelligent material, that is, the material itself has the self diagnosis and the forecast destruction, the self adjustment and th...




The 123 trade fairs will build their own brands.

National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing and urban and Rural Construction issued green building action plan requirements, strengthen public building energy management, speed up the green building technology resear...


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